Hi.  Welcome to  I don’t like surprises and I’m guessing you don’t either.  That’s why I want you to know about affiliate products and any income I make from them.  Companies like AWeber and Hostgator and many others  are always looking for new customers.  One way to get new customers is to pay a small affiliate commission when I tell others about their company via this website.

I tell others about great companies like AWeber and Hostgator by placing links/widgets/banner_ads on this website.  When people click on these links/widgets/banner_ads it takes them to the website of these great companies and if you buy something, the great company will send me a small monetary affiliate commission.

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Over time I will provide a lot of free information that will help you.  That is a win-win.  I provide lots of great content and you keep coming back to this website.  A win for you and a win for me.  In addition, from time to time I will offer products that might be of interest to you and you are free to purchase them or not.  This is a for-profit website and not a charity.

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