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How To Download and Install Skype

July 28, 2012


In this video I show you how to download and install Skype.  Skype is used by so many people to communicate online, you are at a disadvantage if you don’t have it and use it.


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Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge

June 18, 2012


As part of the course, Dean wanted us to create a video which talks about our business. Here’s my entry. Enjoy!

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How To Add Video To WordPress Blog

May 19, 2012


In today’s world many of the people coming to your blog are using mobile devices like phones or iPads.  When you put video on your website, you need to plan for this.  Why?  Because you want everyone to be able to enjoy what you create on your blog.  If they can’t see your video on their phone (or other device) because it is not formatted properly, they may not come back.

An easy solution to the problem is to store your videos on  So, after you create your video, you upload it to  Once you upload your video to you can get an embed code.  You copy this embed code to your blog post and now others can see it.  When someone clicks on your video, your blog will tell Vimeo to play that particular video.  Even better, Vimeo will determine what type of device (Phone, iPad, computer, etc.) it is and will re-format the video on the fly so that it plays well on that particular device.

This might sound a little complicated, but the bottom line is you want others to see your videos and storing your videos on is an easy way to ensure everyone can view your work.

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How to make your YouTube screen bigger.

May 19, 2012


Have you even watched YouTube videos and thought the the screen is really small?  Have you ever wished that you could see the video better?

In this video, I show you a simple and easy way to do that.

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