Get rid of spam comments on your WordPress blog

May 28, 2012


When you create a blog, you begin receiving comments. Many of those comments are from people who are trying to use you, or your blog for their own gain. This is what I call SPAM. The following video shows you how to get rid of spam comments on your WordPress blog.

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8 Responses to “Get rid of spam comments on your WordPress blog”

  1. RoseG Says:

    Very helpful video, blog comments have been a puzzle to me but this video helped to make it a bit clearer.


    • TiredOfTheCube Says:

      Hello Rose,
      I’m glad the video was helpful. Let me know if there are other things you would like me to cover. Thanks.


      • Romario Says:

        Whether its temporary or penrnaemt remains to be seen but I hope its penrnaemt. Traffic here is running 3-5 times higher than the old blog (depending on which measurement I look at).


        • Vinod Says:

          Thanks for registering and ctemmnoing Ben! Good to see you, again.I saw Akismet in the plugins area. By using it, can I keep guest comments open and avoid most of the spam?


  2. Sergio Felix Says:

    Hey Grant,

    I normally use Akismet + CommentLuv (a premium plugin) but I think you can use the free version which is Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin (G.A.S.P.) both were made by the same person and it is a highly recommended combination to stop dealing with spam.

    Hope that helps as well.



    • TiredOfTheCube Says:

      Hi Sergio,
      I use Akismet and it separates the spam messages. I just have to go in and tell it which ones are spam and which ones are not. Akismet’s guessing as to which is which doesn’t seem to be too good.

      I will check out the other plugins you mention when I get a chance.



      • Kenichiro Says:

        Is this place permanent or tomperary? It doesn’t look like it’s picking up that much traffic. Your old blog was packed daily with comments.I miss your old blog, Mark :’ (


        • Hidekazu Says:

          Spam a sure sign that you are well on the way to having a very poupalr website, James.Thanks for sharing by the way; I make sure to look at your site on a weekly basis.


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