A little Google fun

July 11, 2012


I just heard about some fun things Google has released.  Now, one of these was released in November 2011, so I guess I’m behind the times.  However, if this is news to you, then I guess I’m not the only one a little behind.


I’m not sure if this works with all browsers, but it does work with Firefox.  Open your browser and type in Google.com.   In the search window, type in:

do a barrel roll

Your screen will do a barrel roll!  How cool is that.

Next, in the google search box type in:


Your screen will look…askew!

Some days you just need to have a little fun.

2 Responses to “A little Google fun”

  1. James McDonald Says:

    Grant, my man, I think you are the only one who hasn’t heard of or seen the Google shenanigans over the years. They do some pretty wacky things especially at Halloween.

    Check out the Google guitar http://www.google.com/logos/2011/lespaul.html


    • TiredOfTheCube Says:

      Hi James, I’ve seen other Google things, like where they change their webpage on holidays, but I had never seen the barrel roll easter egg. Since I’m an aviation nut, I loved it!

      Thanks for the comment and thanks for stopping by.


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