Making Money Online

May 9, 2012


Seth Godin always has such amazing insights.  In his blog today he talks about “How to make money online“.  Several key points that struck me were:

Get rich slow

Don’t quit your day job

Don’t chase fads

Create value

Fail often and fail cheaply

The last one seems a little crazy at first glance but makes more sense the more you think of it.  Before you can fail you have to be doing something.  So, the message is to “Try stuff”.  Write an article, create a webpage, create a how-to course.  If it works…great.  If not, try something else.


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4 Responses to “Making Money Online”

  1. Sergio Felix Says:

    Hey Grant,

    Man, I wish I had read Seth’s before but if I’m realistic, I would have made exactly the same mistakes anyway.

    In my case, I quit my job with some nice savings and was ready to start working on my online business… or at least that’s what I thought I was doing.

    I first began investing $1 here, $1 there, then that quickly became $5’s, $7’s, $17’s and before I knew it I was completely BROKE.

    Had to lend some money and started continuing investing in tools, resources and BOOM, broke again.

    I have lost count how many times I have gone broke doing this but at least I can tell now what works and what doesn’t and I’m finally starting to make more money than I spent.

    So if I keep doing this I may be able to get back my investments and hopefully start getting out of debt soon.

    “Fail often and fail cheaply” was something I never did since I wanted everything to be perfect so I never took any action.

    I highly regret that.



    • Lilys Says:

      Thanks Scott for sharing with us other asptecs of your creativity. I loved it!I personally came from a very music and arts oriented family but I am still no musician. I have a great appreciation for how you have made the time to extract every ounce of creative juices out of your body and continuously do so (you just keep on going, and going, and going …). I have a great admiration for your skills a s a writer, instructor, photographer, photoshop expert and now musician. And let me just add that for the past few years (about 4, I believe) my life and career as an artist, has dramatically jumped up to a new level through all the learning and exposure I’ve had to brilliant talent provided by Napp and consequently Kelby training expertise. I express my gratitude to you all, it is long overdue. NAPP is a GREAT organization because it is made up of GREAT people it is that simple.Thank youRui


      • Cindy Says:

        March 9, 2011 at 5:22 pmHi Debbie, thanks for shanirg your thoughts on my blog as well as on LinkedIn!You are absolutely right! Success in network marketing is in the relationships we build with others. Most notably, with our warm market. The beauty of attraction marketing is it allows us to build our warm market where we otherwise were unable too, but providing value and taking a genuine interest in our target market. It is those who take a genuine interest in others well-being and success who will benefit the most as they will have successfully added them to their warm market and have a massive number of people who know, like and trust them. This is the essence of attraction marketing and why a blog is such an essential tool that is much more effective in helping us build that trust with our prospects over our primary network marketing opportunity’s company replicated website.Again, thanks so much for shanirg your thoughts on my blog. You are always a welcome member of the community here! Reply


  2. TiredOfTheCube Says:

    Hi Sergio,
    First, thanks for sharing a bit of your story. What courage you have to go for it like that.

    Just think of all the people you helped by what you said:

    Always plan that you will need more money and more time to accomplish things.
    Try stuff. If it works…great. If not…try something else.
    Never give up.

    I’ve looked at your blog. There is a lot to look through. You have a lot of good information which goes along with Dean’s admonition of “over deliver”. Seems like the successful people give away a lot of good free information. So, I’ll bet your next product will be very successful and bring in a lot of money.

    Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate it.



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