My Blog Journey Begins

May 9, 2012



I decided to start this blog to chronicle my journey from being a corporate employee to a self employed man. I plan to show you what it is like to create a part-time business on the side and turn that into a full time business. To me, it is a story about freedom. Many corporate employees work in cubicles or cubes, and that is why I called this blog TiredOfTheCube. I want to break out of the large restrictive corporate world and into the free entrepreneurial world where my efforts benefit my family rather than a large employer.

I’ll describe what led me to this in the next post.

Thanks for coming and leave a comment or question.

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2 Responses to “My Blog Journey Begins”

  1. Sergio Felix Says:

    Hey Grant,

    This gave me a few laughs (in a good way) since I was tired as hell of working in cubicles as well.

    For other projects I worked on, I wasn’t exactly working in a cubicle but I was still doing the corporate rate race thing and that’s something I definitely don’t see myself doing anytime soon.

    Looking forward to your next updates and wishing you much success in breaking free from the corporate world.



  2. TiredOfTheCube Says:

    Hi Sergio,
    Coming up with Domain names and blog names are hard for me because I know they could be around a long time if your blog or website is successful. So, if they could be around for a long time, you want them to be good.

    I’m glad you like the name. It was me trying to have a little fun. Thanks very much for stopping by!



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