May 28, 2012


Get rid of spam comments on your WordPress blog

When you create a blog, you begin receiving comments. Many of those comments are from people who are trying to use you, or your blog for their own gain. This is what I call SPAM. The following video shows you how to get rid of spam comments on your WordPress blog.

May 19, 2012


How To Add Video To WordPress Blog

In today’s world many of the people coming to your blog are using mobile devices like phones or iPads.  When you put video on your website, you need to plan for this.  Why?  Because you want everyone to be able to enjoy what you create on your blog.  If they can’t see your video on their phone (or other device) because it is not formatted properly, they may not come back.

An easy solution to the problem is to store your videos on  So, after you create your video, you upload it to  Once you upload your video to you can get an embed code.  You copy this embed code to your blog post and now others can see it.  When someone clicks on your video, your blog will tell Vimeo to play that particular video.  Even better, Vimeo will determine what type of device (Phone, iPad, computer, etc.) it is and will re-format the video on the fly so that it plays well on that particular device.

This might sound a little complicated, but the bottom line is you want others to see your videos and storing your videos on is an easy way to ensure everyone can view your work.

May 19, 2012


How to make your YouTube screen bigger.

Have you even watched YouTube videos and thought the the screen is really small?  Have you ever wished that you could see the video better?

In this video, I show you a simple and easy way to do that.

May 19, 2012


Is my domain name available?

Whether you are starting a blog or a business on the Internet, you will need to purchase a domain name. In this short video, I will introduce you to GoDaddy and show you how to find out if the domain name you have chosen is available.




May 9, 2012


Certain Pages Needed On Website

I’ve discovered that several website pages must be set up. Seems that most web sites need certain pages like:

  • About Us
  • Privacy
  • Contact

So, I created these pages as best as I can and will improve/update them as I go along.

Eventually, I will need a Terms and Conditions page and maybe others.

May 9, 2012


The Steps And Tools Needed To Start A Blog

I wanted to let you know what it took to get this far on my new blog journey.

  • I had to purchase a domain name from Godaddy.
  • Sign up for hosting at Hostgator
  • Tell Godaddy the Hostgator nameserver addresses
  • Install WordPress on Hostgator
  • Install the Fresh News Theme from Woo Themes
  • Configure settings on WordPress

I have a lot more to do, but wanted to pass along what has taken place thus far.  There are many other ways to accomplish setting up a blog.  This is just how I have done it.


May 9, 2012


Making Money Online

Seth Godin always has such amazing insights.  In his blog today he talks about “How to make money online“.  Several key points that struck me were:

Get rich slow

Don’t quit your day job

Don’t chase fads

Create value

Fail often and fail cheaply

The last one seems a little crazy at first glance but makes more sense the more you think of it.  Before you can fail you have to be doing something.  So, the message is to “Try stuff”.  Write an article, create a webpage, create a how-to course.  If it works…great.  If not, try something else.


May 9, 2012


My Blog Journey Begins


I decided to start this blog to chronicle my journey from being a corporate employee to a self employed man. I plan to show you what it is like to create a part-time business on the side and turn that into a full time business. To me, it is a story about freedom. Many corporate employees work in cubicles or cubes, and that is why I called this blog TiredOfTheCube. I want to break out of the large restrictive corporate world and into the free entrepreneurial world where my efforts benefit my family rather than a large employer.

I’ll describe what led me to this in the next post.

Thanks for coming and leave a comment or question.