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I love photography.  I’ve been taking pictures since my high school days (back when cameras used film, before auto focus lenses and even before camcorders!  Basically, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth.)  My first good camera was a Pentax ME Super Single Lens Reflex (SLR).

OK, enough history.  I wanted to share with you some of the tools I use in my photography and some of the things I like about them.

Canon T3i

My first digital SLR (DSLR) was a Canon XTi.  I still have it and use it.  It was a great starter DSLR.  However it is no longer sold, so I would suggest the Canon T3i instead.  Wow, you get a lot of camera for the money.  It has a 18Mp sensor and a 3.0″ LCD screen and records full HD 1080P video.  Canon DSLR’s have a wide variety of lenses you can use from wide angle to super zooms.


Canon 7D

It is not only a great camera, but it takes HD video as well.  It has the 18 Megapixel APS-C size sensor which allows you to blow up pictures to a large size.  In addition the sensor is very good in low light without adding a lot of grain to the photo.  Have you taken pictures with your point-n-shoot camera in low light situations and had bad results.  Well, you won’t believe the great pictures you can take in low light with the Canon 7D.  Did I mention it has a wicked fast shutter at 8 frames per second (fps).  So, if you are taking pictures of sports or airshows, you will really be pleased with the results.

I love the ability to take HD video with this camera.  The Canon 7D and the Canon 5D Mk2 have been used in the production of TV and movies.  Last season much of the last episode of “House” the TV show was filmed with a Canon 5D Mk2.

One of the nice things about recording video with a Digital SLR is you can be inconspicuous.  As soon as some people see you recording video with a camcorder, they get nervous, or start acting unnatural/crazy.  This can destroy the mood of your video.   With a digital SLR like the 7D, everyone assumes you are only taking photos so they don’t react or get crazy.

Canon Powershot SD960 IS

This is what I would call a Point-n-Shoot camera.  They are great cameras to always take with you.  They are so small they will fit in a pocket or a purse and some cameras, like the SD960 IS take great pictures and also take great video.  My camera is a few years old, so I’m sure there are newer models that probably even have better features, but you can take a look at this and decide for yourself.  I really cannot believe the quality of the video.  It is soooo much better than a Kodak Zi8 or Playtouch.


Canon 580EXII

An awesome flash!

Canon Vixia HFM400

An awesome Camcorder.



Digital recorder


Photoshop Elements 10

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum